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Other Lawrence County Senior Centers

Senior Center of Loretto

Monday - Friday 9-12

204 W. Commerce Street, Loretto, TN 38469, Joyce Self - Director

(931) 853-4336

St. Joseph Senior Center

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 - 4:30

119 S. Main Street St. Joseph, TN 38481, Merry Gabel - Director

(931) 845-4194

"Senior centers fulfill an important role in the lives of seniors. Three things that are important to seniors: family/friends, health, and community.

Our local senior centers provide social interaction which improves the mind; provides a support system where they feel connected; provides activities which keep them mentally alert; and prolongs the need for moving into an assisted living or nursing home facilities.

Bein around other people helps seniors keep a positive outlook on life. Seniors who have the strongest sense of purpose and responsibility are much less likely to become depressed. Centers are a place where they can have fun, relax, and share their stories with one another. It is an extension of family." - Merry Gabel