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September is Self-Care Month

Use the month of September to make self-care a part of your daily routine – practice being good to yourself. It can be as simple as a conscious breath in the morning or as luxurious as time away from the pressures of everyday life. The kindness we show towards ourselves will manifest into a kinder world.


The benefits of practicing personal Self-Care, are too numerous to mention but here are a few to get us started.

• When we take care of our own needs first, we are better equipped to help others

• Our health improves

• Our emotional stability improves

• Our outlook on life improves

• We smile more

• We live our lives with purpose and joy

• We discover who we were created to be

• We become our own best friend

• We love ourselves

Not to mention… taking care of ourselves brings us joy and joy is the highest energetic vibration. When we raise our energetic vibration, in turn, it raises the vibration of those around us. So… if there is one thing that YOU can do for the betterment of society… it is to take care of yourself!

The bottom line, when we take time to care for ourselves, become our own best friend, listen to what our bodies are telling us, live consciously in each moment, in short,

Be as Kind to ourselves as we are to everyone else

The end result is that we will live in a world filled with peace and harmony. Why? Because we will not be giving away all the pieces that we ourselves need to make us whole. And when we are happy, fulfilled and well taken care of, then we can serve others with joy in our hearts.