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Older Adult Covid Vaccine Education Program

The Older Adult COVID Vaccine Education Program is a program through South Central Human Resource Agency with the goal of educating older citizens in South Central Tennessee on C
VID-19 vaccinations and boosters. Through this initiative, information will be spread through social media, local radio stations, local newspapers, flyers, and pamphlets with the goal of giving senior citizens all of the facts. The program will create content that is able to be distributed to senior centers, churches, doctor's offices, and anywhere else where senior citizens might frequent. The program will also provide the assistance to seniors who need transportation coordination to get their vaccine or assistance with scheduling vaccination or booster appointments. The intention of the program is to allow senior citizens to have access to the facts surrounding C
O"VI vaccines and provide them assistance as well as to debunk any myths surrounding the vaccine. We care for senior citizens and their safety and aim to protect their ability to take their health into their own hands.

Kalista Holdmeyer will be at the center for a presentation on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at noon. If you have questions, please call the center at (931) 762-9259.